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Equity Investment - Elevate Your Portfolio Return

Investing in fast-growing Chinese companies’ shares to ensure the sustainable appreciation of your wealth regardless of the economy cycle

Pantheon FOFs

Accumulated capital management scale of the team has surpassed 20 billon RMB over 30 FOFs. The team has in total invested in over 100 advanced VC/PE fund management teams, the total scale of the invested funds amounts to 60 billion RMB, 14 times the capital invested.

By the end of November 2017, the company has invested in over 1,800 companies through its sub-funds, within them more than 150 companies exited successfully, 26 companies went public and 42 companies have reported IPO request to CSRC.

Pantheon's Equity M&A And Direct Investment Business Scale Amounts To Over 1,000 Million RMB

Taking the full advantage of FOFs, Pantheon provides cooperative listed companies with high-quality deal resources, and realizes efficient interaction between primary and secondary market. The company has closed over 30 direct investment deals, amounting to over 2,000 million RM.

Portfolio companies that have successfully went to public

Portfolio companies that have exited through M&A

Fixed Income Investment

Elevate your wealth through sustainable growth

Pantheon Fixed Income Products

Pantheon’s fixed income team has gain recognition from many exceptional financial institutions due to its extraordinary track record, and successfully obtained investment advisor qualification of interbank bond market.

By the end of March 2016, Pantheon has issued 5 bond-only products (only high-rated bonds), and the accumulated management scale is over 3 billion RMB.

Pantheon Bond Funds: rank #1 in annual return among products from the same category

Pantheon’s bond fund focuses on investing in interbank market, mainly allocated with bonds issued by state-owned and central enterprises.The sell-repo operations amplify the investment returns within a reasonable range.

Relied on the in- depth understanding of the economy policy and industry standards, together with the rich experience of interbank market, our professional team suit our clients with customized products.

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QEB: Focusing On Developing The Enterprise Financial Market

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Global Real Estate - StepStone to Global Diversification

Overseas real estate is the priority choice of overseas low-risk asset allocation for high-net-worth individuals

Potential Investment Projects:

The fund will choose 4 real estate investment targets in the central area of Auckland, to find the optimal balance between the appreciation of your wealth and the improvement of your life quality

Examples of Our Investment Targets:

Our first real estate fund was invested in the core area of Auckland, including properties with ocean view, lake view, commercial district and prestigious schools.

Overseas Real Estate Partnerships