The Strong Asset Allocation and Management Ability

Optimizing Your Portfolio Through Our Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy

Family Office

Achieves Sustainable Appreciation Of Your Family Wealth

Family wealth management is an intensively personalized service, we suit every client’s need with a unique corresponding scheme

Highly- Specialized and Customized Services

providing comprehensive services for high-net-worth families

Wealth Inheritance and Family Value

Enhance cohesive force among family members.

Establish competitive mechanism within the family

Education of The Second Generation Successor

Increase the return of family operating assets.Build proper wealth and investment management concepts

Charitable Donations

Establish a good social image and the sense of family responsibility.Tax planning, the economy effects of family’s intangible asset

Comprehensive Asset Allocation

The priority task of family wealth management.The foundation of sustainable appreciation of family wealth

Overseas Investment Immigration

Hedging the risk of investing in a single country.

Benefits children’s education and tax planning

Insurance And Law Tax Planning

Decrease the risk of law and tax from wealth inheritance.Decrease the risk of wealth lost due to family breakdown or heritage conflicts

Innovative Management and Compensation Mechanism

Pantheon adopts advanced compensation mechanism that links contribution closely to returns

According to the demands of family assets at different stages,

Pantheon is able to offer the most comprehensive asset allocation